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About me

My name is Marion, and I am the artist behind Couleur Aube. My passion for linoprinting began with my fascination for the ancestral techniques of Indian Blockprint.


I was inspired by the men and women who have engraved floral patterns on wood for hundreds of years, and I wanted to capture that same sense of tradition and beauty in my own work.


My linoprints are a celebration of nature and everyday life. I draw inspiration from the world around me, whether it's the beauty of the mountains, the colors of bustling cities, or the delicate patterns of foliage.


I believe that beauty can be found in the simple things, and my linoprints are designed to capture that essence and bring a touch of poetry to everyday life.

Concept: Parcours
Concept: Parcours

Creation process

The creation process is divided into three distinct phases that bring their own share of imperfections, resulting in a unique, numbered print.

Phase 1: Pattern Design on Paper

The first phase of the linoprint creation process involves designing the pattern on paper. I sketch out my ideas and then refine my sketches until I have a design that perfectly captures the essence of what I am trying to convey.


Phase 2: Engraving on Lino

Engraving is a delicate process that requires precision and patience. Each line is carefully etched into the lino using a variety of tools, including gouges and blades, until the design is complete.


Phase 3: Hand Printing

The final phase of the linoprint creation process is hand printing. I use a printing press to transfer the design onto high-quality paper.

Fruit Market Print in the making, with gouge and drawing
Forward New York Linocut-51.jpg

Unique Linoprints

Each print is created by hand, which means that no two prints are exactly the same. I take great pride in the imperfections that make each print unique, giving it a charm and character that cannot be replicated.


Handmade linoprints are a unique and beautiful way to add charm and character to your home or office. Each print is a labor of love, created by hand using only the finest materials and techniques.


My linoprints are designed to celebrate the beauty of natural patterns and everyday life, capturing the poetry of the world around us. With their unique imperfections and charming character, they are a true work of art that you can treasure for years to come.

Concept: Parcours
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