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Blockprint inspiration

The blockprint is an Indian technique of fabric printing, born in Northern India. A thousand-year-old know-how that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Originally, a pattern, mostly floral are hand-drawn by talented craftsmen. Carefully engraved on a block of rosewood, the pattern becomes a stamp. Dipped in a vegetable dye, it is applied directly by hand to the fabric, which results a lot of imperfection and personality.

Concept: Parcours
Concept: Parcours

In a few words

Couleur aube are prints, aiming to give a singular poetry to natural patterns and everyday life. Inspired by Indian craftsmanship, they are hand drawn, engraved, and printed with love in Hong Kong. These illustrations remains though perfectly authentic, and genuinely imperfect.

The creation process is divided into three phases:

- Pattern design on paper

- Engraving on lino or magnolia wood

- Hand printing with a wooden spoon

The materials chosen are committed to respecting nature: solvent-free inks, and superior quality paper. ​

Each of these steps brings its share of imperfections, which results in a unique, numbered print. ​

The simplicity and authenticity of each piece bears the mark of the moment it was made. And also the memory it may contain if you order a customized print (see the Custom section).


About me

Behind Couleur Aube, it's me, Marion. I've always loved craftsmanship and its imperfections, its unique way of making time unique and fixing the moment.

Initially, a passion for the ancestral techniques of Indian Blockprint - a fascination for the know-how of these men and women, who have engraved floral patterns inspired by nature on wood for hundreds of years. But also, a taste for drawing, a desire to create, to play with colours. ​

Like a way back to basics, my work focuses on what nature offers: a touch of floral and plant patterns, mountains, many colours - dawn colours in particular - and a little bit of Hong Kong, my city of residence.

Concept: Parcours
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